S is for Smile Culture

Well what a start to my day today!  First I get up in the dark and my bare foot treads on something strange.  When I put the light on I find it’s half a dead mouse that our lovely cat, Maverick, has brought in.  After showering and dressing, I then shoot off to a breakfast meeting and having circled the block a few times to find a car parking space, arrive at the venue only to be told that the meeting has been cancelled!  I started to hear Eeyore in my head saying ‘I don’t know why you bothered!  What a day this is going to be!’ However, soon allowed this to pass as the person behind the reception desk was so charming.  The way they handled the situation made me think of all the things I Continue reading

R is for resilience

As I sit down to write this newsletter, I’m listening to the radio and hear that it’s the first day of autumn.  How quickly the months are passing!  But then I also realise that today is also a very poignant day in my life.  I have been working for myself for ten years!


Can you believe it?  In some ways it feels like only last year and then in others it feels like a lifetime ago.  Talk about character building.  It’s been stressful at times and exhilarating at others – a journey of dogged determination, stick-ability and constant Continue reading

Q is for Questions

pictures 1I’ve chosen Q is for Questions because not so long ago I had a conversation with one of my clients who was a little frustrated that his team hadn’t asked questions at the end of a presentation.  He was concerned that the absence of questioning may have been perceived as a lack of interest on their part and wanted to find ways to help them develop for future sessions.

There are a number of reasons why we don’t speak up at meetings, some of which might be because: Continue reading

P is for

I feel that I should really be writing this newsletter about procrastination seeing as I haven’t been in touch since February.  I hope you’ll understand that it’s not because I haven’t wanted to write, it’s just that there’s always been something else to do which has taken prioirty!! 😉 However, as I can be prone to procrastination from time to time, I’ve decided to save that subject for another day and write about it as part of a time management piece when we get to the letter T!

 Instead I’m going to use the letter P to talk about ‘power’. Picture 2 That’s not just because there is so much jostling for position within British politics at the moment and many horrifyingly negative examples playing out on social media since the referendum, but also down to the fact that I’ve been facilitating a number of leadership and management programmes during the last year.  I’ve observed power being used in a number of ways …. some used positively and some negatively so I thought it would be interesting to capture them!

So what do I mean by power?  Continue reading

O is for OMG we’re already marching through February!

O is for … oh my goodness where did January go?!   Can you believe that we’re already marching through February?  As I sit in my office and look out into the garden, I can see crocus, snowdrops and daffodils pushing their little heads through the earth and a number of trees are laden with their blossom.  Isn’t it lovely to see that the days are getting longer and know that Spring is just around the corner?

IMAG2470 1

Although nature is seizing the moment, are you?  Have you created the right foundations for your business to enable you to achieve the results you desire this year?  And have you made everyone in your team aware by sitting down to discuss their objectives so they know what is expected of them?

People who achieve great things don’t get there by accident, they spend time planning where they want to get to and then map out the best route to get them there.  Continue reading