T is for tweaking!

I was running a time management workshop a couple of weeks ago and we started to talk about the incessant need to ‘tweak’ our work and the negative impact it had on us. So this month, I’ve chosen T is for ‘tweaking’. We all set such very high standards for ourselves, but there is a difference between achieving high standards and attaining perfectionism.   The former is what we all strive for, but if we think there will never be any mistakes, Continue reading

R is for resilience

As I sit down to write this newsletter, I’m listening to the radio and hear that it’s the first day of autumn.  How quickly the months are passing!  But then I also realise that today is also a very poignant day in my life.  I have been working for myself for ten years!


Can you believe it?  In some ways it feels like only last year and then in others it feels like a lifetime ago.  Talk about character building.  It’s been stressful at times and exhilarating at others – a journey of dogged determination, stick-ability and constant Continue reading