X is for ….

It’s the end of November already and we’re on count down for Christmas, but I’m not going to be using this newsletter as X is for Xmas.  Instead I’m going to talk about the X factor.  Not the programme, but what I think gives people the X factor, ie that noteworthy special talent or quality.


For me, the X factor is all about the way people show up.  And by that, I mean their attitude, how they engage with others, listen without judgement and be in the moment.  When people connect in this way they bring about an energy and interest that makes people feel valued and special.  And when people feel valued and special, Continue reading

Q is for Questions

pictures 1I’ve chosen Q is for Questions because not so long ago I had a conversation with one of my clients who was a little frustrated that his team hadn’t asked questions at the end of a presentation.  He was concerned that the absence of questioning may have been perceived as a lack of interest on their part and wanted to find ways to help them develop for future sessions.

There are a number of reasons why we don’t speak up at meetings, some of which might be because: Continue reading