U is for Uncertainty

I couldn’t decide which topic I should write about this month.  Whether ‘U’ should be for ‘unconscious bias’ i.e. the way we make decisions based on our values, experiences or stereo types without being aware that we’ve even done it.  Or whether it should be for ‘unintended consequences’ as we’ve all done something and not fully thought through or anticipated the impact it would create.  And then been surprised or even annoyed when the results were very different to those we expected.  However, in the end I decided to use U for ‘uncertainty’ as Continue reading

P is for

I feel that I should really be writing this newsletter about procrastination seeing as I haven’t been in touch since February.  I hope you’ll understand that it’s not because I haven’t wanted to write, it’s just that there’s always been something else to do which has taken prioirty!! 😉 However, as I can be prone to procrastination from time to time, I’ve decided to save that subject for another day and write about it as part of a time management piece when we get to the letter T!

 Instead I’m going to use the letter P to talk about ‘power’. Picture 2 That’s not just because there is so much jostling for position within British politics at the moment and many horrifyingly negative examples playing out on social media since the referendum, but also down to the fact that I’ve been facilitating a number of leadership and management programmes during the last year.  I’ve observed power being used in a number of ways …. some used positively and some negatively so I thought it would be interesting to capture them!

So what do I mean by power?  Continue reading