Z is for Zest

Well we’ve made it! We’ve reached the last letter of the alphabet. I didn’t think we’d take quite so long to get here, but we have. And I’m sure you won’t be surprised to learn that I’ve decided that Z will be for Zest for Life. As someone who wakes up smiley and full of energy each day, I thought it would be wasteful not to examine ‘zest’ in more detail. Looking at its dictionary definitions, zest is great enthusiasm and energy, eagerness, keen, passion, love as well as the outer coloured part of the peel for use in flavouring. Zest has been defined as one of the character strengths key to living a happy and fulfilling life. And I’m sure you wouldn’t be surprised to learn that cultivating optimism is a sure way to being zestful, along with a good diet, sleep and exercise.

Talking of optimism, did you know that March is the month of optimism? Continue reading

S is for Smile Culture

Well what a start to my day today!  First I get up in the dark and my bare foot treads on something strange.  When I put the light on I find it’s half a dead mouse that our lovely cat, Maverick, has brought in.  After showering and dressing, I then shoot off to a breakfast meeting and having circled the block a few times to find a car parking space, arrive at the venue only to be told that the meeting has been cancelled!  I started to hear Eeyore in my head saying ‘I don’t know why you bothered!  What a day this is going to be!’ However, soon allowed this to pass as the person behind the reception desk was so charming.  The way they handled the situation made me think of all the things I Continue reading