V is for Values

It’s a beautiful sunny afternoon in North London as I sit writing this newsletter.  I’ve suddenly received an afternoon back and so thought I’d put it to good use as it has been quite a while since I was in touch!  I was supposed to be hitting the motorway and driving up north, but instead I’ve decided to get up extra early in the morning and take the train.  It’s a bit of risk as the connections and timings are all rather tight, but I made a pact with myself at the beginning of this year that I was going to look after myself a little more.  So instead of driving another 500 miles in the next 24 hours, I’ve decided to let the train take the strain.

Funnily enough it was a tougher decision to make than you might have expected.  You see my brother, his boys and my mum have dinner on a Wednesday night and it would have made a perfect opportunity for us all to get together.  Family plays a very strong role in our lives and spending time in one another’s company is really important.  However, now that we all drive, we all hold safety close to our hearts and this time it became the priority in my decision making.  When you feel tired and there’s that long stretch of road ahead of you, getting behind the wheel doesn’t seem the smartest decision.

Which leads me onto the topic of this newsletter.  I’ve decided to focus on ‘v’ standing for values as they play such a large part in both our personal and professional life.  Values are the things you hold important; they’re the source of Continue reading

Are you wedded to your company values?

Or have you kissed goodbye to yours?

It doesn’t feel that long ago that the creation of a company vision, mission and values was a hot topic; every business you visited had a copy up in reception!  If you were really lucky you might have been involved in the process, but for many organisations they were designed by the top team and introduced to the business.  Probably with all the best intentions, but without the energy and desire to really embed them into everyday life.
So is it just me, or do values in an organisation seem to be old hat?

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