W is for Wow!

Today I’ve been sitting at my PC for longer than I dare say.  I’ve started this newsletter three times and continually been distracted.  Initially I was going to focus on ‘words’ and talk about the importance of choosing the right ones and saying them at the right time to create empathy and inspire others.  Words such as we, our and us instead of I, you and your.  And this all came from reflecting on some of the interactions I’ve had with people who have overused the ‘I’ word.   Instead of coming across as powerful and knowledgeable they’ve created levels of distrust and anxiety and seemed more egocentric than focused on the good of the team.  They’re all about their own importance whilst the going is good, but the word then quickly turns from ’I’ to ‘you’ when situations begin to nosedive with the blame all landing as far away from their doorstep as possible!  When we use the ‘we’ word, even sublimely it creates a feeling of ‘we’re all in this together’.  If I’m continually talking about what you are going to do and how you need to review your resources to achieve it, I’ve created a very different environment.  You will feel that you’re more on your own than a part of a team. It might be me who is steering the ship but we all get the best results from feeling a part of it. Continue reading