Communication skills that are understood first time

Communications are full of ambiguities.  Is there any wonder that we give and receive mixed messages when there are so many barriers put in our way to stop us communicating effectively?  This workshop will look at all forms of communication, whether it’s face to face, over the phone or in writing and decipher what the key components are that give you communication skills that make you stand out from the crowd.  Understanding the way you communicate and what impact it has on others will help you to develop communications that are right for every situation.

You’ll have a greater understanding of the impact your communications have now and what steps you need to take to increase their impact in the future.

Outline of the workshop


  • Why communication skills are so important
  • Understanding the differences and what we are trying to achieve by each communication method
  • Barriers to communications
  • Creating lasting positive impressions
  • Active listening
  • Questioning techniques
  • Building rapport


  • To recognise how you can improve your communication skills to have the impact you require
  • To build confidence in communicating with others whether it is face to face, over the phone or in writing
  • To understand the barriers to communicating well and putting methods in place to either reduce or remove their impact
  • To build rapport by understanding the way you and others communicate
  • To create clear, concise and accurate communications which ensure the receiver understands the message in the same way as the sender intended
  • To build a toolkit of techniques that make your communications stand out from the crowd

Who should attend?

  • Leaders who want to gain more from their communication skills.  It could be to gain more confidence, help build rapport more easily or simply to build on existing skill sets.