Interview Skills

Why is it, that when you say you’re meeting someone to have a chat we are often at ease and manage the whole scenario well, but as soon as we mention the word ‘interview’ it seems to conjure up all sorts of things in our mind and we become anxious?  We let the negative voices in our head take over, become jittery and start talking about subjects that are of little consequence!

An interview should be a two way process where the company discover all they need to know about you and you find out all you to know about them.  As a result you can both make objective decisions about whether you are right for the role.  It’s the research, planning and preparation for the actual interview that often lets you down.  As the saying goes ‘fail to plan and you plan to fail’.  When you are put on the spot and made to feel nervous in an interview, it’s usually down to the lack of anticipation of what the interview will entail.

Outline of the workshop

  • The importance of research
  • Thinking of questions you may be asked
  • Reviewing your covering letter and CV – what would you ask if you were the recruiter
  • Ways to explain gaps in your CV
  • Turning your weaknesses into opportunities/strengths
  • How to manage experience ‘v’ credentials
  • Building rapport
  • Being aware of your nerves and managing them
  • The professional you – body language, voice and clothes


  • A clear structure for preparing for an interview
  • An understanding of what recruiters are looking for
  • Awareness of the impact you create at an interview
  • Ability to try out some of your newly learned skills
  • Feedback from other delegates on your style and performance

Who should attend?

  • If you are going to be attending interviews in the future and feel nervous about the prospect of describing your skills and attributes to others or find it difficult to sell your skills and experience to others, this workshop will be ideal for you