Thank you for visiting our website today.  If you’re looking for tools and techniques to help you become a better leader and manager of yourself and others, you’ve come to the right place!  We pride ourselves in developing mindsets in culture, leadership and management.

We engage and connect with people in a way that shares our knowledge and, dare I say, wisdom based on experiences and best practice.  We’re excited by learning, so never stop and find our passion for what we do infects others to want to learn more too.

We’re here to help you and your people be the best version of themselves, developing performance and potential by thinking, acting and behaving differently.

We have four values that are integral to everything we do. Let me give you a C.L.U.E.:


We’re continually learning and using both your and our knowledge to create the best solutions for you.

It’s not you and me, it’s us working together that makes the difference


We have a genuine passion for what we do in helping you to achieve your potential.  

We’re told it’s contagious which is great, because when you love what you do, it never feels like a job!


None of our work is off the shelf.  We provide tailored and distinctive services especially for you.

This means we get to nub of your issues in a way that supports and challenges the way you work. No-one else! 


We strive for transparency in everything we do.

We build strong relationships that are based on being fair, decent and honest.

We challenge and support with respect. 

What we do

We help you to think, act and behave differently by creating and facilitating development specially to meet your needs. We don’t have off the shelf packages.

We gather inspiration from what you want to achieve and develop bespoke materials that do that in a fun, memorable and practical way.  This can be done on a one to one basis, team or organisational level.


The creation and facilitation of bespoke learning and development to achieve your needs



Enabling individuals, teams and/or organisations to find the best approach for them



Helping you to see your business from a different perspective so that you perform at a higher level



Digestible bitesize learning baked together in a ‘pick & mix’ style menu to nourish your mind 


Jane is a fantastic and inspirational management training consultant.   We’ve all experienced the consultant who comes in, performs the task and then leaves. Jane is the total opposite to that; always there to provide additional coaching and support. She works with you to deliver what is right for your organisation, using her extensive knowledge and experience to create development that makes a significant impact..”


Jane’s Journal

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