An excuse to indulge

Wow, don’t you think the days are passing by quickly?  I can’t believe it’s March already.  I’ve been meaning to say hello for ages, but time has marched on with both work and personal life being very busy … in a positive way.  However, I realise that my writing has been the one to suffer, which means I haven’t appeared in your inbox!   You see I made a pledge at the end of last year that I was going to be kinder to myself and make sure I didn’t burn the candle at both ends.  I set myself some new daily parameters and I’m loving seeing them through each day.

I took a leaf out of James Clear’s book, Atomic Habits, and decided to achieve consistency over intensity.  For large chunks of my life, I’ve focused on the intensity eg if I can’t go to the gym for an hour it isn’t worth it, or if I don’t lose half a stone in the first week, I’m failing at my diet.  Of course, that in turn, created some negative self-talk for me.  ‘Is it worth starting if that’s all I’m going to do?’  This meant that I didn’t do anything at all or gave up very easily.

I’ve been working on my mindset and realise that I only create good habits if they are something I can stick with, so actually it’s more about the showing up each day than the length of time it takes to complete the task.  I’ve started my own daily yoga routine which, with my diary, means I can only spend ten minutes some days, whereas other days it might be 50 minutes and I feel really good about it.  Those minutes on my mat are truly for me.  It doesn’t matter if I only do one circuit of the park for my walk as I may be able to fit another circuit in later in the day.

I’m now exploring elements of my work where I can have the same approach.  You may remember that I created the FOOD Series during the Advent of 2020.  It was bite size development to help us manage ourselves and others whilst we were working out of the office.  I spent a lot of time researching the best techniques for each nugget, distilling all my material and experiences and then shared them in a fun way.  It was a huge amount of work for one month and then apart from writing a few quick take aways to add a bit more meat to the bone or roll out the odd training session, that was it!  Intensity in a big way!   So why didn’t I do more?!

To be honest, I don’t know.   A bit of Imposter Syndrome.  A bit of would it make a difference?!  However, during the last year, I’ve been weaving bits and pieces of the FOOD Series into all my work and everyone has found it easy to digest and provided me with some wonderful reviews and recommendations.

This year my business turns sweet 16 and I know some of you have never been kissed by the work we do, so I would like to alter that and give you the opportunity to attend some free 60-minute sessions.  The whole ethos of starting up my business was to share all my knowledge and experiences of good practice (and continued learning) that enables us to be the best version of ourselves.

Because today is pancake day and Shrove Tuesday was known as ‘feast’ day, the last opportunity to indulge before giving up for a Lenten sacrifice, I’d like to provide everyone in my network with some additional sustenance in the form of some free training.  During the next 40 days and 40 nights, I’m going to work through each element and put together 60-minute taster sessions for each topic.  Then every Friday morning at 8am, with the exception of a couple of weeks, I’m going to run them live on air for free.

  • 29th April – And Breathe
  • 13th May – Influencing Skills
  • 20th May – Facilitating Virtual Meetings
  • 27th May – Giving Feedback
  • 10th June – Delegation
  • 17th June – Time Management

If you would like to join any of them, just send me a note at and I will send you the link for that particular subject.  I will use the same format as before eg – the hunger for the topic, the ingredients, recipe for success and the seasoning to make it your own.  Please don’t think because it’s free it will be full of junk food!  It will be full of ingredients you can use straight away to get the best results.

I hope you’ll come along and join me as it’s my Easter gift to you for challenging, supporting me and being a really good egg during the last couple of years.

Have a lovely Tuesday, and if you’re having pancakes later, have a flipping good time!

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