Are you channeling your inner Queen?

Over the last few months, we have seen a lot of coverage of our Queen in the run up to her Platinum Jubilee Celebrations this weekend.  For me, I’ve enjoyed seeing parts of her life that have remained private, such as the family films that were shown on TV last weekend.  I know she’s had a life of privilege, but I do feel that she’s been a great matriarch to both her family, country and the commonwealth.  Watching all this media has made me more mindful of the things I admire about her and it made me think about what we could all do to channel our inner Queen characteristics both in our personal and professional lives.  Her are my musings ….

Lead by example.  Be the mirror of what you want to see coming back.  Set an example to those around you of the values you hold dear in the way you act and behave.  When we take responsibility for how we act and behave we are more likely to focus on possibilities and actions rather than blame and navel gazing.  It also creates clarity of your expectations and helps others to work towards them, whether that is bringing some lightness to an event or solemnity.

If you’re on show, be on show.  If you’ve made the time and effort to be there, get rid of any distractions and enjoy the moment.  Do your preparations.  Research who’s going to be there, likely topics and then work the room. Be curious and interested in those around you and graciously exit when it’s time to move on.

Take your work seriously, but yourself less so!  People want to know that we do the best work we possibly can because we care about making a difference in our chosen careers.  This doesn’t mean to say that you can’t bring your whole self to the role.  Have some fun, create some energy and above all make sure you are able to continue to laugh at yourself.  The Queen certainly revealed she likes a bit of fun, like the rest of us, when she joined Bond at the Olympics in 2012.

Thrive rather than survive.  There will always be things we have to do in life, but if we make everything a chore, then it will feel like an uphill struggle.  How can you alter some of those ‘have to’ do things in your life to make them a ‘want to’?  As soon as you do this, you’ll find the energy and creativity flooding through your veins enabling you to get on and achieve the best results you possibly can.

Learn to delegate and use your time efficiently.  There may not always be someone we can delegate activities onto but there are often tasks that can either be put off until a later date or not done at all.  When we learn to use our time well and value how we spend our time, we find that it feeds us with energy rather than deplete us.  We also know that when we learn to delegate effectively, we support others to be more self-sufficient.

Invest in yourself.  We have learned that the Queen is a voracious reader and curious about all walks of life.  When we take time out to broaden our horizons, learn about something new, it nourishes our soul.  Whether it’s learning a new hobby, reading a book or finding out about new cultures, it broadens our thinking, helps us to become more empathic and enables us to incorporate these new facts into our decision making.

Know when to say no!  The Queen has had to step down from events in recent times due to mobility or health issues.  She preserved her energy for the things she saw as a priority, which saw her missing the Opening of Parliament and attending the Windsor Horse Show!!! Knowing when to say no is crucial for our time management as well as our decision making.  Again, it comes back to knowing where we add value and where we can preserve our energy for what’s really important.

Surround yourself with things that make you smile.  It was heart-warming to see the Queen’s obvious love of everything equestrian at the televised Windsor Horse Show.  Her eyes truly lit up with her ponies arrived on the scene.  As you know I have my cat, Maverick, who always brings a smile to my face.  Socialising with friends and family, either in groups or on a one-to-one basis, also provides me with the energy and passion to do what I do.

So as we head into the Platinum Jubilee weekend, let your light shine brightly and enjoy every minute.  I’m heading into town to buy a bit more bunting to decorate the garden and purchase a tiara, so that I look, as well as feel, like a Queen!!

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