Sprinkle your kindness

As I listen to the news this weekend, I’m juggling an oxymoron in my head; how critical we are as a race but also how we all pull together in adversity. Although I didn’t watch many of the shows that Caroline Flack hosted, having read the articles and listened to a number of radio shows, I realise what a talented and incredibly ‘well thought of’ presenter, she was.  With so much love and respect for her work, isn’t it so sad that the voices that resonated inside her head, were those of criticism, leading her Continue reading

Is ‘busyness’ the new badge of honour?

How many times have you been to an event recently and asked someone ‘how they are?’ and they’ve replied ‘soooooo busy?’ Once upon a time people used to tell me how little sleep they needed a night but now this has fallen by the way side, perhaps to the success of Arianna Huffington’s book, and the busyness epidemic has taken over! Are we becoming a nation of headless chickens running from one thing to another and exhausting ourselves in the process or is it another way of justifying our existence? Research shows that the less busy we are, the more happy we are, and I’m up for that, so I thought I’d share some of my thoughts, hints and tips! Continue reading

Assertiveness is about the choices you make

I’ve always loved this quote about assertiveness and I think it’s because it reveals so much about the level of respect we hold, not only for others, but for ourselves as well.

Our attitudes and behaviours hold the key to our successes and although I’ve always recognised that being assertive creates the best results, I’ve tended to hold a very text book definition of what it means ie to stand up for your own rights without violating the rights of others.  However, over the last while, I’ve realised that it’s so much more.  Through the conversations that I’ve been having with a variety of colleagues, Continue reading

Do people trust you?

Have you ever found yourself sugar coating some news or perhaps not even saying it at all because you’ve been afraid of the consequences of sharing?  I know I have.  All those thoughts of ‘how will the other person react?’, ‘how will it impact me?’, ‘will they still value/love me for who I am?’ and if it’s giving constructive feedback about them ‘will they hold it against me?’

When people don’t feel at ease to speak up, there’s never Continue reading

Manage the Voice before it manages YOU!

As you know I love my job and can’t imagine ever doing anything else.  It can be a little overwhelming at times with peaks and troughs of work, ever growing ‘to do’ lists and jobs that slot in the diary at the last minute but I wouldn’t swap it for the world.  I love researching latest thinking and creating materials to help my clients achieve amazing outcomes.  And of course, I love the actual time I spend with each and every client as there’s always some two way learning.

Funnily enough though, there are some days when I get niggling doubts about whether I’m the right person to do what I do.  One of my values is about being competent Continue reading