Let me introduce you to F.O.O.D.
(Fixing the Out of Office Dilemma)

F.O.O.D. was created during COVID when we were all in Lockdown. I wanted to find ways to nourish people who were finding it difficult working from home and so used my time to develop bitesized nuggets of learning, packaging up my best hints and tips into a variety of subjects.

It started off as an Advent Calendar on LinkedIn, and then grew into Breakfast meetings, Lunch and Learns, Afternoon Tea and now again the odd Digestif at the end of the day as people realise how useful these nuggets are in both personal and business life.

Our FOOD packages provide you with wholesome ingredients and recipes to nourish your heart and mind. Each element is split into four sections – the hunger for the topic, the ingredients, the recipe for success and the flavouring to make it your own.

Diagram explaining the F.O.O.D. concept. Text in circles with a timeline arrow in the background.

Enjoy the acronyms and the puns and do let me know if there are other flavours we should be adding!

Friday’s Forage

Our latest invention in the F.O.O.D. series is an Amuse Bouche.

Fancy restaurants provide them to tickle your taste buds before you have your meal. They’re a way for the chef to express their true talent in small bites; and I’ve decided to do exactly the same for you.

Join us every Friday morning at 08:10 for 20 minutes of easy to digest and useful ingredients to enhance the way to manage yourself and others.

There’s a seasonal menu full of relevant bite-size tops to feed your mind with practical hints and tips.

If you’d like to join us, simply email me at jane@janehirst.com and I’ll send you the Zoom link.


Click here to take a look at our full menu


“I’m really enjoying these FOOD sessions. They are helping me to reaffirm some of the practice I already have in place and equip me with the tools and knowledge to expand on this. I have some great take aways and really notice ‘nudge techniques’ being used since the Influencing session! Thank you!”


We run free FOOD sessions throughout the year so keep your eyes peeled

In the meantime, give Jane a call on 07979 903439 or email her at jane@janehirst.com to find out more