Are the opinions of others valid?

June has been an incredibly busy month for me and there is still more to come!  I have listened to podcasts, read a variety of articles and had the privilege to work with over 300 people.  And as I reflected on all this I’ve noticed, that in every connection, there has been a story or an example about how controlling our self-talk can be. Continue reading

Are you channeling your inner Queen?

Over the last few months, we have seen a lot of coverage of our Queen in the run up to her Platinum Jubilee Celebrations this weekend.  For me, I’ve enjoyed seeing parts of her life that have remained private, such as the family films that were shown on TV last weekend.  I know she’s had a life of privilege, but I do feel that she’s been a great matriarch to both her family, country and the commonwealth.  Watching all this media has made me more mindful of the things I admire about her and it made me think about what we could all do to channel our inner Queen characteristics both in our personal and professional lives.  Her are my musings …. Continue reading

Wow! 16 years, where did the time go?

Sixteen years ago today, I woke up with what I call the ‘can’t help its!’ You know that feeling when you could burst out crying at the slightest thing?!  That was me.  You see I was leaving everything that was familiar to me in the workplace.  After 19 years working for the same organisation, I was about to leave and set up my own business. Continue reading

An excuse to indulge

Wow, don’t you think the days are passing by quickly?  I can’t believe it’s March already.  I’ve been meaning to say hello for ages, but time has marched on with both work and personal life being very busy … in a positive way.  However, I realise that my writing has been the one to suffer, which means I haven’t appeared in your inbox!   You see I made a pledge at the end of last year that I was going to be kinder to myself Continue reading

Be a better delegator using WILD-RICE


I was reminiscing with a colleague about our journey of managing people and we both agreed that it would have been so much better for everyone concerned if we’d learned the art of delegation much earlier in life.  We both hit the same cycle that a lot of people do when they’re new to management.  We took on the extra responsibility, but we thought that also meant that we had to take on the extra workload.  After a prolonged period, Continue reading