New year, new you?

Is it new year new you or have your New Year’s Resolutions fallen by the wayside already? 

As I’m more of a reflector than someone who sets New Year’s Resolutions, I’ve taken the opportunity to think about the last 12 months and understand what I’ve learnt so that I can continue to build upon those points in the months ahead.  Flicking through my journals, I see that I’ve written a lot about being brave, having courage, showing vulnerability and managing my fear.  That might be something to do with Continue reading

Day 24 of F.O.O.D. – using NOUGAT to help you say ‘no!’

Wow, I’ve made it! Day 24 of my FOOD Advent Calendar and I’m sharing my Christmassy NOUGAT to help you reset some boundaries. In many conversations this year there seems to be an expectation we’re available 24/7 just because we’re WFH. This isn’t sustainable. Let’s practice being more assertiveness otherwise we’re going to suffer from burnout!

When you say ‘yes’ to something, you say no to something else. Prioritise the right things

If you find it hard to say no, observe others who are good at being assertive. What techniques would work for you?

Understand the triggers that make you say yes when you really mean no.  Is it because you feel you ought to, or embarrassed to say no?

You will know when you really want to say ‘no’ because your gut feel tells you. Listen to it and tell the other person how you feeling using the ‘I’ word

If the other person is acting aggressive, make sure you stay in control. Remember your attitude affects your behaviour which in turn affects their attitude and behaviour.

Words are only one piece of the communication! Tone and body language can often give us away! Try practising saying ‘no’ out loud in front of the mirror so that your tone and body language are congruent with your words!


Day 23 of F.O.O.D. – BAKE to take the stress away

Stress means different things to different people as we all have such different tolerance levels. But at the end of the day, it’s what we feel when we think we’ve lost control.

For Day 23 of my F.O.O.D. Advent Calendar I’m going to share my BAKE technique. You’ll always find me in the kitchen when I’m feeling overwhelmed; it’s one of my happy places. Here are some ginger biscuits I prepared earlier!

When we feel stressed, we often let our beliefs run wild. What stories are you are telling yourself? Could there be another way of looking at it?

Sit down and draw a four square grid on a piece of paper. Label each square ‘avoid, alter, adapt, accept’ then work through each element. For example in avoid could you pare down your ‘to do’ list? In alter is there a way of sharing your feelings rather than bottling them up? Could you adapt your standards and perhaps accept forgiveness could play a part?

Be kind to yourself. If you’re not being kind to yourself, you can’t be kind to others. Is there a way you can reward yourself when you achieve a milestone? It could be going for a walk at lunch time.

Finally have belief in yourself that you can achieve what you set your mind to achieve. When we have self efficacy, we are more likely to get the job done

Day 22 of F.O.O.D. – Can LEEKS help you be a better mentor?

Day 22 of my F.O.O.D. Advent Calendar is focusing on mentoring; a way to support and encourage your people to manage their own learning and achieve their potential, whatever their age. I’m using LEEKS a vegetable prized by ancient Greeks and Romans for their special attributes!

In any relationship listening is essential. However, when people are new to a role they may not want to admit to lack of knowledge or understanding. Listening with your eyes, ears and heart will help you spot any incongruencies

Take mentoring seriously by making time to do it. Be empathic of your mentee’s needs. Think back to what helped you most when you joined the company

Create the right environment to help the person integrate especially now that we’re working from home more frequently?

Learning critical business skills from others strengthens relationships across the organisation. What’s the best way to knowledge share whilst bringing their skills and expertise into play?

Getting a balance of support and challenge helps us everyone achieve their best. Too little support and too much challenge can be stressful, whereas too much support and too little challenge feels too parental

Previously, in #FOODSeries we looked at giving feedback, delegation and goal setting; techniques also handy for mentoring

Day 21 of F.O.O.D. – Using PEACH to network

I’ve chosen a PEACH of a subject for Day 21 of my F.O.O.D. Advent Calendar …. networking; a lifeline and survival mechanism in these challenging times.  Here are a few ingredients to help you.

Do your preparation. Turn off distractions. Practice your elevator pitch. And don’t turn up with your friends otherwise you’ll only network with them!

This leads on to events. Choose the events that work best for you and meet the objectives of you attending in the first place. Where are you most likely to meet your perfect client?

The biggest tip I can give about attitude is that you never learn anything about the other person when your mouth is open! Be curious of others. Remember that networking is a mutually beneficial relationship and if you get it right, you should be able to sell other people when you leave, and they you!

People buy people first. What are the characteristics that you demonstrate consistently? Are you sincere, authentic, respectful?

One of the biggest hurdles in networking is to feel confident entering a busy room. Ask groups if you can join them. Pick someone that’s standing by themselves. But remember to circulate. You are there to meet people