Customer Supplier Meetings

Every team is either a customer or supplier of another and it is paramount that they work together collaboratively to provide a first class service to their external customer. However, internal conflicts, knowledge of who is responsible for which part of the process or system, or additional rework often gets in the way.  We’ve all heard about the weakest link in the service chain.  Customer supplier meetings make sure that your teams don’t experience these issues because in these facilitated sessions we help them to focus on a number of areas.  These could be working towards common goals, increasing communications, seeking out improvement and build strong relationships in the process; all part of an energised and forward thinking culture!


We work with your teams to help them really understand how they can build their relationships and provide a much better service through commitment to quality.  The key in this work is to find two teams who are linked by work processes and systems and then help them work together to realise expectations and needs of each party. During the process participants recognise the efficiencies they can create by removing wasted or duplicated effort, reducing any underlying conflict as well as being able to highlight improvement opportunities.  This brings sharing and benefits to both sides.


It is achieved by:


  • developing an explicit understanding of what each team is trying to achieve
  • creating focus for the teams to achieve a common goal
  • reducing wasted efforts by streamlining processes
  • improving clarity between functions erasing common myths and misunderstanding
  • defining and implementing measurements of success
  • driving down turnaround times

The outcome is that you have two highly motivated teams working in synergy.  They’ll be fired up to continually improve the way they work because they’ll be able to see tangible results in both internal customer and external customer satisfaction levels.  Complaints will reduce which will mean that work will be more fulfilling as they ‘get it right’ first time.  And you’ll get increased repeat business from happy customers.


The process leaves you with sustainable results and an attitude of mind in your people that they can continually improve everything they do.