Appraisals that count

When appraisals are used in the right way they can be highly motivating.  So why is it that most people don’t find this to be the case; they find appraisals stressful, demoralising and a waste of precious time.  This is often because it is seen as the ‘make or break’ discussion that’s held once a year and linked to performance bonuses.

Appraisals should be a two way process where you discuss the person’s role and objectives, their career, aims and development.  It’s a meaningful discussion that provides both parties with an update as to what is going well and what requires additional support.   A good manager will meet regularly with their team members as they realise that it’s the only way to recognise in a timely manner as well as alter actions if they are going down the wrong track.

Outline of the workshop

  • Recognise the importance of regular two way appraisal meetings
  • The various stages of an appraisal
  • Setting SMART objectives
  • How to manage non achievement of objectives – task or behaviour
  • Scoring objectives
  • Keeping close to action points
  • Making it easy to ask questions


  • By meeting more often the process won’t seem so stressful
  • Walking through the process of organising an appraisal will make sure each element is anticipated and planned, such as the venue and the way it is set up or just the way you close the interview
  • Working through a variety of examples of objectives will help each person to write ones that are Specific, Measurable, Agreed, Realistic, and Timely
  • By practising appraisal interviews each person will understand the words and phrases that encourage and those that don’t contribute to a successful appraisal

Who should attend?

  • Whether you have one team member or a number of people reporting to you, conducting appraisals is an essential management skill.  When you get it right you encourage your team to work to their optimum levels … when you get it wrong, you have team members who feel unappreciated and lacking in motivation to do a good job.