Being the more confident you

There are times when we all wish we were able to act more confidently, whether it’s going for the all important job interview, or giving a presentation to an important audience.  Well the great thing is that you can learn techniques to appear more confident even if you feel like a bag of jelly inside.  By adopting new strategies we can nurture our self confidence and feel extremely capable of tackling all types of situations.

The great thing is that you have all the resources within you and we’ll learn how to develop them.  Whether it’s listening to your ‘self talk’ and finding strategies to manage the voice of doom and gloom or helping you to focus on what you can achieve rather than what you can’t, you will develop ways to become more assertive in yourself and create the impact you desire.

Outline of the workshop

  • To recognise how being assertive plays a large part to being confident
  • Understanding the voices you hear and where they come from
  • Recognising the parts that our subconscious play
  • The benefits of being able to visualise situations
  • What you’re saying to your audience, without opening your mouth
  • Various tools and techniques to manage your ‘state’


  • Recognition of the benefits of acting assertively
  • Models to help manage crises of confidence
  • Checklists to reduce the levels of anxiety in any situation
  • Exercises to understand how assertively you react to situations
  • Confidence booster techniques that will remain with you long after the session has finished
  • Techniques to help you feel more positive about yourself and the environment around you

Who should attend?

  • If you suffer from low self esteem, have a crisis of confidence when asked to take on new challenges, or need to act more assertively, then this is the workshop for you.