Building a customer focused culture

Organisations that take customer service seriously realise that they will always have the competitive edge as their customers don’t do business with them because they have to…. they go to them because they want to!   If you’re an organisation that takes your customer seriously you think about the service you provide, making it easier for your customers to do business with you at every opportunity.  Every contact with your customer is seen as an opportunity to improve, whether it’s a compliment or a complaint – it helps you be more aware of what the customer really wants from you.

This workshop isn’t a ‘show you how to do’ service event.  It’s a workshop that makes you think about your customer service strategy and the experience that you want your customers to receive.  The day will help you to focus on who your customer is, why they shop with you and how you cater for their needs.   It will also start you to think about the structures that you need to have in place to show that you are serious about providing excellent service.

Outline of the workshop

  • Who are your customers and are they the ones you target?
  • What is their experience of you? (People, service and environment)
  • Recognising and understanding the customer touch points
  • What is your customer service strategy for face to face, over the phone and written contact in respect of minimum expectations, going the extra mile and when you get it wrong?
  • What stops you providing a consistently good level of service?
  • Linking the internal service chain
  • Being clear about future challenges?


  • To put the customer at the centre of your decision making
  • Clarity of the service that you should be providing as a bare minimum … and consistently getting it right
  • An understanding of how what happens on the inside of the organisation will be replicated with your external customers
  • Knowledge of how complaints should be recovered
  • An understanding of what will help and hinder your organisation in the future

Who should attend?

  • Anyone who has the responsibility for providing excellent customer service within your organisation.  This workshop is excellent for senior management teams to focus on the service proposition for the whole organisation.