Get more out of your meetings – be a great facilitator

Good facilitation makes life easier, gains involvement from others and minimises conflict.  If a meeting is facilitated well, you’ll find it more effective, more enjoyable and you’ll also retain the information for a longer period of time.  Everyone who attends will feel that they are a valuable part of the group and that they’ve made a real contribution.  How many meetings can you think of that can be described in such a way?

This workshop will provide you with the skills, tools and techniques to be more facilitative in your approach, whether it is a special meeting that you are running or in your day to day management of your team.

Outline of the workshop

  • The role and context of facilitation
  • The role of the facilitator
  • Preparing, planning and running productive meetings
  • The problems facilitators face – minimising conflict etc
  • Facilitation tools
  • Participation techniques


  • A full understanding of the role of the facilitator and how it differs to chairing a meeting
  • A clear view of the different roles during preparation and facilitation of a session
  • A knowledge of how their style can be adapted to become more facilitative and what impact it will have on their own team
  • A tool bag of hints, tips and techniques to use whether holding a one to one meeting, team meeting or organising a large meeting
  • The ability to lead people through processes towards an agreed objective in a way that encourages contribution, participation and ownership by all involved.

Who should attend?

  • Anyone who wants to be more engaging in their style whether in a meeting or in their day to day management style.