High performing teams don’t just happen

High performing teams don’t just happen, they have a common sense of purpose and a commitment from everyone within the team.  They also gain more than other teams because they have a high level of trust in one another’s capabilities and achievements.  They know what is expected of them, are constantly looking at ways in which they can improve and involve others along the way.  Successful teams are perceptive to one another’s differences, recognising that the strength of the team is so much more than that of the individual.  High Performing Teams manage conflict well and are quick to find resolution using a wide variety of problem solving techniques, however as with any thriving team, they still need direction, challenge and support to achieve the goal.

Outline of the workshop

  • Define the characteristics of high performing teams and measure yourself against the criteria to identify opportunities for improvement
  • Decipher the role you play in your team and examine whether it’s the role that others see you play
  • Find ways to work more collaboratively as a team, opening up lines of communication to achieve the best possible results
  • Take the emphasis away from the ‘I’ to the ‘We’
  • Understand why recognition plays a large part in team building


  • Everyone will leave the session with a better understanding of themselves and their peers
  • They will have an understanding of what their team can achieve
  • Understand what motivates themselves and others so as to get the best results
  • Recognise the benefits of working collaboratively with all internal customers to provide a better external service to their customers
  • Learn how to focus on the intrinsic elements of recognition that motivate the team
  • Teams will understand the importance of praising public to improve performance

Who should attend?

  • Teams that are either newly formed or who are going through the storming part of their team building.