M.A.D. with Customer Service

In a day and age where we have all the technology to provide an excellent service, why do we constantly hear so many tales of companies getting it wrong?  It’s because service is not just about what you do, it’s about the way you do it.  It’s the personal touch and the emotional experience that your customers feel when they’ve had contact with you.

Businesses cannot exist without customers – they are their lifeblood.  If you don’t understand your customers and treat them well, they won’t stick around giving you lots of chances – they’ll soon vote with their feet and move to your competitor.  This workshop provides you with the essential tools and techniques to ensure your customers love doing business with you.  We will show you how to create positive and memorable service experiences for your customers each and every time they contact you.  We all get it wrong sometimes, but it’s the way we put it right that counts, so we’ll also be sharing techniques to turn unhappy customers into loyal ones.

Outline of the workshop

  • What are you like as a customer?
  • What does amazing customer service look and feel like?
  • Who are your customers and what do they expect from you?
  • The essential customer care skills
  • Creating first and lasting fantastic impressions of your business


  • To focus on yourself and the service skills you use, including your attitude and behaviour to make sure that you are providing the best possible service to your customers
  • To understand your customers requirements and have strategies in place to satisfy them
  • To identify ways in which you can improve your internal working relationships that will enable you to provide a seamless service to your customers
  • To establish the little things that make all the difference and examine ways in which you can provide the wow factor to all your customers
  • Recognition that behaviour doesn’t have to breed behaviour!

Who should attend?

If you would like to improve your passion and energy for service
delivery, this is the workshop for you.  It is focused on front-line staff but will make anyone attending reflect on what they can do to provide a better level of service for their customers.