Project Management Skills

You don’t have to be called a Project Manager to run a project.  These days we all have such hectic lives where we have to juggle lots of activities at the same time, both in our work and personal life!  We often forget this when we’re asked to project manage an activity in business life and may think that we don’t have the skills required, but whether you’re running a small or multi-faceted project, the same principles apply.

In this workshop we look at all elements of a project to make sure your project doesn’t fail.

Outline of the workshop

  • Frameworks, structure, documentation  and involvement
  • The roles people play
  • The importance of clarity
  • How to write key documents so that all stakeholders are aware of what is in and out of scope, the phasing, costs and involvement required.
  • Tools such as task and activity plans, RAG status, User Acceptance Testing
  • Managing people performance
  •  An understanding of why projects fail


  • To understand the cycles of change that a project will go through so that all activities may be anticipated and planned
  • To create well thought out plans and written documentation that cover all aspects of the project so that all Stakeholders are fully aware of what the project is about, anticipated results and the role they, or their people, will play to make it a success
  • To deliver project benefits to  the organisation without all the pain that is usually associated with change so that the project is accepted and embraced by the people it affects
  • To understand the different tools that will keep the project on track, enable you to create contingencies and mitigate the risk of slippage
  • To be aware of the pitfalls that cause so many projects to fail

Who should attend?

If you are managing lots of projects or starting out on your first one, this workshop will give you the structures and models to plan and manage effectively so that you deliver the right results for the organisation while managing everyone’s expectations!