Stress Management

Stress means different things to different people.  You can have high or low tolerance levels but at the end of the day, stress is what we feel when we think we’ve lost control of events.  Whether it’s your workload or general pressures in life getting on top of you, this one day workshop will enable you to recognise the triggers and use the appropriate tools and techniques to manage the symptoms and deal with the root cause.


The workshop uses various models, tools and techniques to give all delegates practical activities to take away and use in both home and work life.  It is interactive, thought provoking and full of hints and tips to manage stress levels more effectively.


Outline of the workshop


  • To understand what stress is and what causes it
  • Analysis of your stressors
  • Understand how the various stress management techniques can help you
  • Using positive think and self imagery
  • Bringing balance the back to your life
  • Building confidence to tackle the issues that will make a difference to you




  • You will understand which stressors affect you positively and which ones create a negative reaction
  • Define your stressors and how they make you feel so that you can develop strategies to combat them
  • Developing a proactive rather than reactive approach to managing your stress levels
  • To find the tools that work for you and the times when you should use them
  • To increase levels of self confidence so that you can let others know how you are being affected by their actions


Who should attend


  • If you often find yourself feeling that you are not in control of the way that you feel, this workshop will provide you with some practical tools and techniques that can be used both at work and home.