Time Management

When we make the best use of our time we feel that we’ve achieved so much more, so why don’t we let time management become a habit rather than something we do once in a blue moon?  Did you know that 80% of unfocused effort only achieves 20% of the results?  How often do you wonder where time has gone?  You’ve completed a couple of things and now you’re under pressure to finish the rest.

So why does this happen?  It can be a number of things – writing yourself too long a ‘to do’ list which in itself is off putting, misjudging how long it will take to complete a specific activity, or even underestimating the various elements of a task to take it through to completion.  You may have to do things that aren’t in your comfort zone or preference so the dreaded procrastination takes over.  Whatever your barrier is to managing time efficiently and effectively, we’ll have some methods to manage it so that you can be in control of your destiny!

 Outline of the workshop

  • The consequences of being a poor time manager
  • Creating a structure that’s right for you to plan more effectively
  • Prioritising your work
  • Dealing with deadlines
  • Recognising what robs your time .. procrastination, people, doing things you don’t like
  • Is there anyone out there who can help


  • You will be able to plan your day so that you can achieve more and still have time to do the little extras
  • Recognise the way you work so that you can create relevant strategies to stop you wasting time and getting distracted
  • Identify your time wasters, either people or activities, and the reasons that you procrastinate so that you can deal with them before they get under your skin
  • Find out how to give each task the right priority level so that you don’t leave the big task that you don’t like doing right to the end
  • Help you to understand yourself – are you being realistic with what you want to achieve in the time available?

Who should attend?

Do you find yourself constantly busy but not achieving the right results or have a problem saying ‘no’ when you’re already snowed under?  This workshop is definitely for you!