Day 13 of F.O.O.D. – CHOCOLATES to remind us of Kindness!!

Day 13 of F.O.O.D. – CHOCOLATES to remind us of Kindness!!

Day 13 of my Advent Calendar is all about kindness and so what better acronym than CHOCOLATES!

Kindness has such amazing benefits for the giver as well as the receiver and is a free resource!  I started thinking of some of the random acts of kindness we could do and have listed them below.

Pay a genuine compliment to someone.  I know we Brits find it difficult to accept them but it does make us feel warm and fuzzy!

Help out your neighbours with a task they’re finding difficult

Order forward a coffee or a tea the next time you are in a cafe

If you’re handy in the kitchen you may find baking a cake is your thing.  I hear a lot of banana bread has been making the rounds this year!

Optimism provides others with hope of what can be

Listen with your full body, involving your eyes and your heart will enable you to hear much more

Apologise for something you should have said ‘sorry’ for

Treat others like they’d like to be treated

Express gratitude for things you appreciate.  A thank you makes such a difference

Smile – a resource that you can give away with generosity …  and genuineness

The picture I have chosen is of the chocolate shop in Filey, my home town.  It’s been open since 1919 and makes the most delicious chocolates.