Day 5 of F.O.O.D. – Using RADISH to add piquancy to your CV

It’s day 5 of my Advent Calendar and today I’m sharing the RADISH technique to help you sharpen and crisp up your CV!

Think about the R as the reason you applying for the job. What attracts you to this role? What makes you feel this job has your name on it?

Adapt your CV for each specific role. Too many people use the scatter gun approach sending the same CV to a number of organisations hoping that one will stick. Adapt your CV to show how your strengths play to the position for which you applying.

What differentiates you? What makes you stand out? Do you have latent skills or interests that will make you the best candidate?

Show interest in the company. Carry out your research to understand the organisation’s vision and values so that you can demonstrate how your values help you fit in with authenticity instead of bland words.

A CV is your shop front to highlight your skills and competence for the role. What activities have you done that demonstrate yours in the best way?

And finally what are your top 10 hits? What achievements/outcomes are you proud of? How are they relevant to this role?