An excuse to indulge

Wow, don’t you think the days are passing by quickly?  I can’t believe it’s March already.  I’ve been meaning to say hello for ages, but time has marched on with both work and personal life being very busy … in a positive way.  However, I realise that my writing has been the one to suffer, which means I haven’t appeared in your inbox!   You see I made a pledge at the end of last year that I was going to be kinder to myself Continue reading

Day 11 of F.O.O.D. – Using my FISHBAKE to manage your wellbeing

It’s day 11 of my Advent Calendar and today I’m going to share my FISHBAKE with you to help you manage your wellbeing, because this year it’s been well and truly tested and there are some key coping mechanisms that have risen to the surface for me.

It’s essential that we do something that’s fun daily.  And the earlier in the day we can do it the better as it releases all those feel good hormones

Stay in the moment!  Don’t plan too far ahead.  Surrender the long term planning and focus on what’s important today and tomorrow

Create a good sleep routine.  I’m not a good sleeper, but I now have a number of activities I do each evening to make me feel as relaxed as possible before going to bed.

Undertake a habit review.  Make an inventory of your habits from morning til night and then reflect on those that help and hinder.  How can you remove some of those that hinder?

I’ve noticed that having a belonging has been important.  Social connections whether face to face or online increase our self esteem

Our emotions can be all other the place, so acceptance that you’re tired or needing more support is half the battle.  There are some days that we just need to curl up with a good book or watch some trashy TV.   We’re not superwoman or superman … all the time!

That leads me on to kindness.  Being kind to yourself and others is a huge part of managing your wellbeing.  Don’t leave those random acts of kindness just for others though – dole some out to yourself too.

And finally, exercise!  Any physical exercise is good for us.  A stroll or a run in the park, getting some fresh air or whatever is your energy booster – just make time for it and do it.

W is for

I chose this quote to help us feel more upbeat! I know worrying is normal, but recent restrictions seem to be weighing on us more heavily than at any other times during this pandemic. Being aware that worry is driven by our belief system, I’d like to share some of the techniques I’m using to challenge my thinking and stop me running down the rabbit warrens that lead to procrastination, time wasting and self doubt.

  • Taking a habit inventory to remove those habits that hinder rather than help is really useful
  • Writing down all worries and categorising them into those I can control, those others can help me sort out and those that I can’t do anything about, gets them out of my head and stops them growing into monsters that sap my energy.   Working on those I can, lifts my spirit and helps me to feel more positive knowing my energy is being utilised in the right area.
  • Daily walks in the fresh air before I get on with any work have a positive and calming impact, as does anything I enjoy.
  • I practice square breathing as it calms your nervous system and decreases stress. All you do is breathe in for two, hold for two, breathe out for two and hold for two and repeat!

What techniques are you currently using to help you transition from the caterpillar into the butterfly?

G is for Greatness

In today’s alphabet sequence I’ve chosen ‘greatness’ for the letter G and that’s because I truly do believe that you achieve greatness from continually doing the small things well every day of your life. If the steps we set ourselves are too big we find some ways to resist them before we even start. So this philosophy has two big wins for me – it starts small and it builds its capacity over a period of time.

Many years ago, my grandad tried, unsuccessfully to get me to think about saving. He said that as soon as I started earning a wage, I should save a percentage of it each week and as my salary grew throughout my life, I should continue to save the same percentage, if not more. Unfortunately his wise words fell on deaf ears. However, many years later I stumbled across a book written by Jeff Olson called The Slight Edge, which reinforced the message of what you do every day matters.

Deep down I think we all know this philosophy of life. The choices we make will either create positive or negative compound interest. The thing is, that those choices often feel too small to make a difference at the time, but over a longer period of time really do reap the reward.

Are there some small changes you could make to start building some positive compound interest for you? 

Disciplines for success

When we start a new year we often take the opportunity to review what went well during the last year and what we could do to make it even better in the next 12 months.  I carried out a similar exercise over the Christmas period and I thought I’d share it with you as it linked into what I’d written about in my last newsletter.  You may remember that I’d already started some work identifying where I was hampering some of my achievement. I decided to explore this work further and use my time off to explore where I’d allowed my lack of action and busyness to impede my results personally and professionally.  I decided to use a well-known model in the coaching world called The Wheel of Life.  I love it because it’s so visual and easy to use, like a lot of my tools and techniques!

When I use the Wheel of Life, I relabel the sections so that are more meaningful to me.  You might find it useful Continue reading