B.A.K.E. when you’re feeling stressed!

The Hunger for the Topic

When I settled on B.A.K.E. as the acronym for managing stress, it felt as if it was very serendipitous.  I love baking and spending time in my kitchen as it is a place of warmth and doing what I love so I feel that I can lose myself creating delicious things for others to eat whilst restoring my inner calm.

Over the last 18 months we’ve all had to find activities to help us to manage our feelings of overwhelm.  There has been a huge amount of uncertainty and in some respects having less places to go and things to do outside of our homes has reduced our comfort zones and left us feeling at ease with the familiar.  We all have different tolerance levels to stress, which is a part of our daily life.  However, it starts to become a problem when we think we’ve lost control.  Having some Continue reading

P.O.P.C.O.R.N. is good for you in more ways than one!

The Hunger for the Topic

We’ve undoubtedly been living in some uncertain times during the last year and a half.  The pandemic has created a huge amount of change to our lives.  And as we know, our brains don’t like to experience any type of threat for a prolonged period of time.  They’re designed to seek control and predictability.  If there’s one thing that I’ve learnt throughout this period, Continue reading

New year, new you?

Is it new year new you or have your New Year’s Resolutions fallen by the wayside already? 

As I’m more of a reflector than someone who sets New Year’s Resolutions, I’ve taken the opportunity to think about the last 12 months and understand what I’ve learnt so that I can continue to build upon those points in the months ahead.  Flicking through my journals, I see that I’ve written a lot about being brave, having courage, showing vulnerability and managing my fear.  That might be something to do with Continue reading

What have you done today to be kind?

Did you know it’s World Kindness Day today?

Kindness is about genuinely caring for those around you; wanting the best for them as you do for yourself and this is something that is really important to me and hope very visible in what I say and do.  It is about creating a warmness and trust but it is also about creating resilience.

I see kindness a bit like a smile.  You don’t need to speak the same language as the receiver to feel the warmth of it, nor do you Continue reading

K is for Kindness

This Maya Angelou quote is one of my favourites and I often use it in my culture and leadership programmes because its essence is about being kind.  At some stage in our lives we’ve all been in a position where someone has made us feel very small and insignificant, but I’m sure we’ve also experienced times when we’ve been made to feel wonderful and valued by the action of someone else.

I believe it’s our role in life to build people up and enhance their confidence and competence to be the best they possibly can be and it’s so much easier to do when we have kindness at our core. Even the toughest of conversations are easier to have when we have positive regard for others. However, research also shows that kindness has many beneficial properties, not just for the giver and receiver but also for those who witness the act. When you make people feel special it makes everyone experiencing the act feel better about themselves, as well as being happier and calmer.

So as our world feels a little topsy turvy at the moment, I wonder what random acts of kindness you can do today, tomorrow, this week, this month, this year etc to make those around your feel special?