K is for Kindness

This Maya Angelou quote is one of my favourites and I often use it in my culture and leadership programmes because its essence is about being kind.  At some stage in our lives we’ve all been in a position where someone has made us feel very small and insignificant, but I’m sure we’ve also experienced times when we’ve been made to feel wonderful and valued by the action of someone else.

I believe it’s our role in life to build people up and enhance their confidence and competence to be the best they possibly can be and it’s so much easier to do when we have kindness at our core. Even the toughest of conversations are easier to have when we have positive regard for others. However, research also shows that kindness has many beneficial properties, not just for the giver and receiver but also for those who witness the act. When you make people feel special it makes everyone experiencing the act feel better about themselves, as well as being happier and calmer.

So as our world feels a little topsy turvy at the moment, I wonder what random acts of kindness you can do today, tomorrow, this week, this month, this year etc to make those around your feel special?