Day 20 of F.O.O.D. – Use GARLIC to ask for help

Day 20 of F.O.O.D. – Use GARLIC to ask for help

What a year of challenges and they’re still continuing with recent announcements on our tier 4 restrictions.  Thankfully day 20 of the F.O.O.D. Advent Calendar is all about asking for help and as usual on a Sunday, I haven’t got a technique, but I do have some benefits!  So when you’re feeling daunted or a little bit vulnerable and don’t feel like asking for help, think about the benefits of the superfood GARLIC!

When we ask for help we GROW!  We see things from a different perspective to our own and can then use that learning to take on bigger challenges

When we have a greater AWARENESS OF SELF we are able to recognise the triggers that lead to us needing some kind of support.  When I start procrastinating it’s time to pick up the phone!

When I do reach out, I reach out to people I RESPECT.  I see them as a font of knowledge, skills etc and so when people contact me I’m so happy to help as I feel that they do it for the same reason.

By asking for help, we’re LEADING BY EXAMPLE showing that it isn’t a weakness but a way of continuing to strengthen our growth mindset

The INTERACTIONS that we have with others build our support networks and provide us with a sense of belonging.  Think #yougotmethrough2020 and everyone who kept you buoyed up.  I’m eternally grateful to everyone in my network

I hear it all the time – ‘I’ll be judged as not able to cope if I raise this as an issue’.  Let’s make it easier for people to have the COURAGE to speak up and get the help they require.