N is for networking

I don’t think we ever stop networking. With every connection we make we give an impression of what value we bring to the world and I don’t mean in a salesy way. Even if your connections aren’t looking for your skills in that moment, they’ll remember you and your passion for what you do – whether that’s in a good way on not!

When we make great connections it’s like recruiting our sales force. They become ignited by our love for what we do. Therefore, it’s crucial they know what it is we actually do, because if they don’t, they’ll never think to recommend us; a lesson I learned many years ago when I worked in financial services.

My mum has always been my biggest fan. However, it wasn’t until she was speaking to one of my team, by complete coincidence, that I realised she had no idea what I did! Since starting my own business, she has played a fundamental role in checking everything I put out to the world. If she doesn’t get it, no-one else will.

So the learning from this quote is to check with those closest to you to see if they can describe what you do with clarity and ease. If they can’t, change your elevator pitch or the words you use to describe what you do. You’ll be helping your sales team to sell the value you bring to the world, which is crucially important right now.

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