R is for

Do you have some days where you feel more resourceful than others? I certainly do and I think I’m often more resourceful when there are a lack of resources available to me as I find myself getting creative in finding a solution.

Resourcefulness is linked as a top skill for career success, but what is it? It’s the ability to get things done in the face of obstacles or as Teddy Roosevelt said ‘do what you can, where you are, with what you have’. 2020 has enabled a lot of businesses and people to become much more resourceful. There are things that they are doing today that only six months ago felt like pipe dreams. We’re finding ways to navigate our paths with less certainty, tapping into our growth mindset, knowing there will be a way. Invention and creativity is helping us along with a good sprinkling of courage to follow through on our ideas.

I use the ‘what if?’ technique which helps me to come up with lots of different approaches before I narrow them down into the ones that I want to take forward as well as focusing on what I can do rather than what I can’t.

The world as we knew it is changing. The 9-5 five day a week business model is disappearing. Businesses are needing to tap into a variety of skillsets to survive. How are you nurturing your resourcefulness?

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