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Everyone’s story is completely different at the moment.  Our lives have been impacted hugely through this pandemic and it looks as if it will continue to be so for a good while yet.  Many are living in a period where we’re forced to embrace uncertainty but also, in many cases, survival.  It’s another period of reinvention for both businesses and individuals and the only way we can work through it is by learning to lean into it and recognise that today is tough, but it will get better.  Did you know that by thinking this way, we automatically help our brain release some of the endorphins to stop it from feeling ‘stuck’?  In the last 14 years working for myself I’ve experienced a number of periods of uncertainty which has caused different levels of anxiety.  However, a key learning for me has been not to let the inner negative narrative take over as it just leads to a downward spiral especially at a time when we need to focus on where and how we can add value.

Whilst it’s scary hearing about the rise in unemployment figures and the impact of recession, it’s crucial we focus on what we can each do to adapt and survive as we move forward.  Work probably won’t look anything like it has in the past so take time to understand your transferrable skills and how you can utilise them in this new world.  If you’ve worked for one employer in the past and they can’t afford to keep you onboard fulltime, perhaps you can research where you can provide your expertise to others to fill the remaining hours you’d like to work.

I have a note on my phone that pops up every day.  It say’s ‘what would you do today if you weren’t afraid?’  Don’t let fear get in the way of your survival.

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