Do people trust you?

Have you ever found yourself sugar coating some news or perhaps not even saying it at all because you’ve been afraid of the consequences of sharing?  I know I have.  All those thoughts of ‘how will the other person react?’, ‘how will it impact me?’, ‘will they still value/love me for who I am?’ and if it’s giving constructive feedback about them ‘will they hold it against me?’

When people don’t feel at ease to speak up, there’s never Continue reading

F is for Fear Culture

my name is fearThis month we are looking at F is for Fear Culture and I thought we’d also touch on Feedback too – as I don’t think one can exist whilst the other is present.  I also felt that it follows on nicely from my last newsletter as a fear culture in an organisation is often caused by someone whose management style is well known and talked about but never challenged.  It’s their attitudes or behaviours, emotional outbursts or inhibiting body language that drives the fear in the organisation.  And this is a real shame, because Continue reading

E is for Elephant in the Room

Having experienced a number of metaphorical elephants in the room in my lifetime, I thought this was a well known expression, but when discussing the subject with a friend over the weekend, I could see from the look on her face that she didn’t know what I was talking about!

So if this is the first time you’ve heard about having an elephant in the room, let me explain.  Continue reading

Does the weather have an impact on your performance?

Before I started writing this article I checked my last update to remind myself of what I’d written and had a little chuckle to myself.  It was all about the return of my writing mojo and the feeling of being refocused and full of energy to embrace 2012’s new challenges.  So what happened?  Why was my last update in January?  As an energised and resilient person, it seemed that the butterfly had returned and I hadn’t achieved what I’d set out to do.  Initially I put it down to the weather!  A part from a short window of beautiful sunshine around the beginning of April, the sky has felt very low, grey and dark.  Combine this with the doom and gloom I hear about the economy every time I turn on the TV and radio, there’s no wonder that my motivation may have slipped.  And I think this is the same for everyone.  So the question is, how can we remain motivated when this is the backdrop in which we find ourselves operating? Continue reading

Turning negative emotions into opportunities

After the lovely long break, I hope you’ve returned to work with renewed energy and vision to tackle all those things that you’d like to achieve this year.  With so much doom and gloom in the news about our economic climate and how we all have to do much more with less, it’s a challenge in itself to convert those negative emotions into opportunities.  But if we’re going to succeed, that’s exactly what we need to do!
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