Day 18 of F.O.O.D. – spread BUTTER liberally to let people know about your brand

This year has been a year for taking stock which has seen a number of people changing careers or setting up their own businesses. With that in mind, I’m using day 18 of my F.O.O.D. Advent Calendar to think about how you brand yourself! Use BUTTER to spread yourself liberally in the outside world.

What are the benefits of using you as opposed to anyone else who has the same type of offering? How do you create clarity in their mind that you are exactly what they are looking for?

What is the unique selling point in using your service or product?

Remember your brand is anything you do and everything you do. It’s the tiny things that will let you down. What could impact your credibility?

Why should prospective clients trust you to do the work for them? What are your values, ethics etc?

An elevator pitch is used to describe yourself succinctly to others.  Prepare one so that you can confidently tell others how you can solve their problems. Think experience, expertise

Build rapport with as many people as you possibly can. Your network is important and when people have faith in you, they become your sales force and recommend you to others.

Day 3 of F.O.O.D. – Using CRUST to manage remotely

It’s day 3 of my Advent Calendar and I’d like to share my CRUST technique to help with you manage your team remotely, our new reality! CRUST is a nice metaphor, as to me, it feels that it envelopes all the goodness within.

C is for collaboration. A great team works together, whether they’re together or a part with mutual respect a willingness to balance group and personal goals. Something we’ve really needed this year.

The R is all about being responsive. When someone needs help in your team, it’s about being quick to act in an appropriate way.

Understanding your team means that you don’t take a one size fits all approach. By getting to know each of them individually you’ll have a greater clarity of what will work of some and not for others.

When we’re in the office, we can easily turn to others to ask for help to complete a task. For us to be able to work best, we need to know the skills and capabilities of everyone.

Finally the T is all about Trust; the foundation of working together as a team. During the pandemic, managers had to learn quickly to manage the fine line between micro managing and not being in touch enough.  Think regular 121s and then the autonomy to get on with it!


Y is for the way YOU make people feel

Today I’m focusing the ‘Y’ on you with one of my all time favourite quotes from Maya Angelou.  You’ve no idea how many times I’ve used this quote in my work.  It is the basis of any culture change programme, leadership and management skills as well as customer service and sales.  But actually this quote underpins everything we do whether it’s in our personal or professional life.  Some people have the knack of Continue reading

Do people trust you?

Have you ever found yourself sugar coating some news or perhaps not even saying it at all because you’ve been afraid of the consequences of sharing?  I know I have.  All those thoughts of ‘how will the other person react?’, ‘how will it impact me?’, ‘will they still value/love me for who I am?’ and if it’s giving constructive feedback about them ‘will they hold it against me?’

When people don’t feel at ease to speak up, there’s never Continue reading