We can do it!

We can do it!

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Throughout the year, I’ve had some interesting conversations about how we manage to maintain a culture when people are either working in a hybrid or remote way.

There’s a concern that it dilutes culture when people aren’t in the office all the time. I know that some organisations have mandated their staff to come back into work on specific days, whilst others continue to work with their people to decide what works best for everyone to ensure the long-term benefit for all parties.

For me, I prefer the latter. Don’t you find making people do something can alter their intrinsic motivator? When we want to do something it creates an innate desire to engage in the activity for satisfaction, enjoyment, or personal fulfillment. As Dan Pink would say, ‘Our motivation is driven by having mastery, autonomy and a sense of purpose.’

When we have to do something, external factors come into play, and it can shift the focus from the intrinsic motivators to the extrinsic ones. The person then associates their motivation with the external factors, whether that is punishment or reward, rather than the inherent enjoyment or satisfaction of the activity itself.

With the introduction of The Flexible Working Act just around the corner, it makes it even more crucial for managers to be able to create a sense of belonging for disparate teams, whilst still achieving the output required to meet organisational goals.

With this in mind, I have attached one of my F.O.O.D. topics below as it was created in the pandemic and has recently been updated to help us all manage teams that are working in a hybrid or remote way. If this is of interest to you, please click on the blue button below to find out more. Click here to read.

African Proverb
If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

I’ve never wanted to go it alone. I’m a people person and get my energy from being around people. My philosophy is to share everything I know and continue to learn, as I love learning and what’s the point of keeping it to myself?!!

During the pandemic I turned to audio books and podcasts to keep myself up to date with all sorts of things, so with each newsletter I’m going to share some of the books and podcasts that I love.

August’s Book

I’ve chosen The Courage to be Disliked as my book for August.

This book is about a philosopher and a young man having a discussion about life. I started listening to it initially on audio but then bought the book as there were so many things that I wanted to note down and I thought it was better to have them highlighted in the book. It is now full of green highlighter pen!

It really gets to grips with what gets in the way of us achieving our potential. 

Why are we so worried what others think? How do we allow them to be obstacles to being our best self?

August’s Podcast

The podcast I’ve chosen for this month is the one and only Elizabeth Day’s How to Fail.

I started listening to Elizabeth very early on in the pandemic and loved every interview.

Her guests discuss three things that haven’t gone right in their lives and how they’ve used their failures to succeed better.

Brilliant examples of how we learn more from our mistakes than when we Poget it right first time.

Cover image of The Courage to be Disliked book
How to Fail