I is for Inner dialogue

I’ve decided to focus on the inner voice with a quote from Lou Tice, the founder of The Pacific Institute.

If you don’t control your self-talk, it controls you – how right it is. I’ve thought for years that I couldn’t translate the cultural and emotional aspects of my work into a virtual world and used that as a limiting belief. And when we have a limiting belief our inner voice gets to work letting us know all the reasons it won’t work! Mine stopped me from even trying to do it never mind test the market! However in the last couple of weeks and as the world continues to change, I’ve had to move some work for my clients with The Pacific Institute into an online world and I’ve found it fun and rewarding and the feedback has been better than I could have ever dreamed of receiving.

So my question to you is what is your self talk stopping you achieve at the moment? Could you create some clarity about what you want to achieve and then determine the dolly steps and support you would need to make you feel competent and confident to make it happen? If so, you could quieten your negative inner voice and let it see that you mean business! Good luck

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