B.A.K.E. when you’re feeling stressed!

The Hunger for the Topic

When I settled on B.A.K.E. as the acronym for managing stress, it felt as if it was very serendipitous.  I love baking and spending time in my kitchen as it is a place of warmth and doing what I love so I feel that I can lose myself creating delicious things for others to eat whilst restoring my inner calm.

Over the last 18 months we’ve all had to find activities to help us to manage our feelings of overwhelm.  There has been a huge amount of uncertainty and in some respects having less places to go and things to do outside of our homes has reduced our comfort zones and left us feeling at ease with the familiar.  We all have different tolerance levels to stress, which is a part of our daily life.  However, it starts to become a problem when we think we’ve lost control.  Having some Continue reading

B is for Beliefs

Have you ever had a thought or a dream of doing something differently and then dismissed it because you thought you were incapable of making it happen? We all allow our potential to be hampered by the limiting beliefs we hold about ourselves; negative things we’ve absorbed about ourselves over the years, such as emotions, experiences, habits etc from the people we thought.

In one of the programmes that I Continue reading

Are you wedded to your company values?

Or have you kissed goodbye to yours?

It doesn’t feel that long ago that the creation of a company vision, mission and values was a hot topic; every business you visited had a copy up in reception!  If you were really lucky you might have been involved in the process, but for many organisations they were designed by the top team and introduced to the business.  Probably with all the best intentions, but without the energy and desire to really embed them into everyday life.
So is it just me, or do values in an organisation seem to be old hat?

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